Name: Nick DeLuca1234633_817535220988_1188468123_n

Residence: Northampton, MA

Likes: Historical nonfiction, urban centers, country hamlets, road trips, black coffee, brown liquor, stump trivia, heated debates, crossword puzzles, authentic cuisine, home-cooked meals, Instagram, punctuality, unplugging, maps, Mother Nature, my two cats named Little Meow and George Harrison.

Dislikes: Eggplant, chamomile tea, 21st century journalism, student loan interest rates, the two-party system, the contemporary GOP, startup buzzwords, tunnel vision, pessimism, Reddit trolls.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Your writing has made me interested in visiting Mt Greylock – you made it sound so beautiful. Yet the story of the airplane crash reminds me how merciless Mother Nature can be.


  2. Nick, Your old neighbors, the Doherty’s, were having a heated discussion about this very issue ( the Lee statue) last night. We did not know you had a framed picture of Lee in your home!
    I love how you posed this ” musing” and your thought process. Well said all around!! Please keep writing! We need your voice now more than ever!!


    • Thanks for reading and for your thoughts! Stay tuned for more. Hope all is well. Looking forward to hosting P and A out here in Western Mass. come October 🙂


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