Portland, ME: Beer, Industrial Parks & the Sharing Economy


Foundation Brewing Company

On the outskirts of Portland, Maine lies a quaint industrial facility comprised of 12 garage bays fit for one medium-sized vehicle each. The bays are coupled off and interspersed between each pair are office spaces that make prison cells look like penthouses.

With six garage spaces per each oblong facade, the building has become a haven for the more craft-minded of Portland’s citizenry. In fact, it’s occupancy has become predominantly small-scale breweries and tasting rooms, the likes of which would make misanthrope Frank Gallagher of Showtime’s Shameless salivate.

“Small-scale” as a description for these scrappy upstarts perhaps lends an exaggerated  perspective to the size of these breweries. They rarely have more than three or four beers on tap, can fit just a handful of picnic tables or waist-high casks for sitting and standing, and are barely able to reserve a corner or two for peddling brand merchandise.

This particular park is anchored by three tastebud-tickling tenants: Foundation Brewing Company, Austin Street Brewery, and Bissell Brothers Brewing Company.

Separately each brewery operates in a distinguishing manner that echoes their own respective product and culture, but together they’ve established a cooperative that mutually benefits their business and beer enthusiasts alike.

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Your Anti-Feminist ‘Jokes’ & Memes Aren’t Funny, They’re Ignorant

AntiFeministMemeI love women — their sensibilities, their features, their practicality, their zeal, their natural and profound counterpoise to the often irrational male Id and ego. This is a woman’s world, not a man’s; just ask the 2013 government shutdown, which was busted wide open by the fairer sex.

Is it some kind of reverse sexism to enjoy residing in the feminine realm?

To quote Charles Adams, son of the second President of the United States John Adams, “nothing so like perfection, in human shape [and in my own humble opinion, human mind], appeared since the world began.”

I have to agree.

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